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Screenshots 101
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Elementor Screenshots 101

Along your design journey, screenshots are going to be vitally important for sharing information with clients, support staff, colleagues, and yourself when you need a quick reference. 

There is not a special way to take screenshots in Elementor, you just use the same functionality you use for all of your other computer applications.

The Print Screen Buton (PrtScn)

Print-Screen Button

The easiest way by far is to look for the Print Screen Button.  

This is usually in the top right portion of your keyboard.  Pressing this button will save our image in your clipboard.

The clipboard means you can hit paste, or (ctrl+V) or right-click paste, into any application that will allow you to save an image.  

This could be photoshop, image viewer, or some other image editing program.  From there you can edit or save the image as you like.

*tip – Windows Key + PrtSc will take a picture of your entire screen and save it info your Pictures > Screenshots folder.  

*tip – If you hold down the ALT button while you press PrtScn it will only take a screenshot of the specific window you are focused on, instead of your entire desktop.

Windows Snip & Sketch

Windows Snipping Tool

Windows Snip & Sketch is an application on Windows 10.  It’s available in your Window’s app menu, but also there is a shortcut.  Windows Key + Shift + S. 

Saving and uploading your image

Once you have your image saved, you can then upload it to any service that will allow you to attach an image.  This is commonly used to upload an image into a Facebook Page or Facebook Group.

Linking To Your Image

Once you have your image saved, you will need to have it posted somewhere publicly on the internet so that others can see it. 

If you have a WordPress site that you’re working on, you can upload it directly into your media gallery. 

From your media gallery, you can copy the URL and paste that url anywhere publicly to link to the image.


If you can't upload to WordPress

If you need to send a link to your image, and you’re not able to upload it to a WordPress site, or some other website, another option would be to use a free image hosting service like Imgur

Using a service like this will allow you to upload an image and then grab a link to it to give to someone else.

3rd Party Options

I originally did not include any external services with this post. 

I wanted to keep this simple for beginners but after some great suggestions from Amir Cohen, and some other users in Facebook groups I think it would be a good idea to mention some other options.

I want to let everyone know I don’t have any affiliation with any of these services, but I’m pretty sure they are all free anyway.  

The advantage of these applications is that they typically operate like windows snip & sketch.

They will create a cropping tool where you can grab any section of the screen and then have the option to immediately, edit, email, print, or paste it into another application. 

LightShot – This is a recommendation from Amir in the comments. This looks like a solid solution. 

GreenShot – This is actually the software that I use on my desktop.  I’ve been using this for about 2 years.  I’m assuming all of the other options here will do the same.
My favorite thing about this software is that I can grab little pieces of screens and paste them into project management software like Asana, Basecamp, and others, or right into my email. 

Final Thoughts

I often use screenshots to show page mockups to clients, or even for myself when I’m working on a design and I want an easy way to see what parts of my site or project will look like next to the current page. 

Mastering screenshots is a skill you will never stop using! 

Do you have some more suggestions or questions about this? 

Please leave us a comment!

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    1. Hey Amir! That’s awesome, there are a ton of great tools, I originally neglected putting extra plugins here because I wanted to keep this simple, but I think you bring up a great point.

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