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Banging your head against the wall about a problem? Drop me a line and I’ll try to help, and possibly build a tutorial about your issue.

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  1. I work online on a site in https with elementor pro with OceanWP with the latest version of safari. I have a problem with memorizing responsive settings that don’t work just for the tablet. example: I drag a text on my screen page I modify it for the main screen then I modify it for the tablet then again for the mobile, I check that it works for the screen but when I switch to the tablet the modifications are those of the mobile then impossible to modify new settings for the tablet the text no longer wants to be modified in style. do you have any idea what i should do to solve this simple problem?

    1. I’m not as familiar with OceanWP, so I’m biasedly inclined to think that it’s a conflict with their styles. I sent you an email, and I’m adding functionality to allow you to send over images and links to the issue, but if you want to reply here I can take a look and maybe someone else who is more familiar with OceanWP can chime in?

    2. Hi Partouche,

      It sounds to me like there is a conflict with OceanWP’s theme styles conflicting with Elementor’s They both do the same thing in different ways so it takes some digging to try and figure out what you have to override or turn off, and where it’s at. I would suggest inspecting the resulting page and seeing if you can track down what is causing it. Feel free to post the site or PM me and I’ll be happy to take a look. You can check out how to inspect your Elementor code with this tutorial.

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