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What Is JetTricks?

Jettricks by Crocoblock is a powerful plugin for Elementor. It’s filled with 8 experience enhancements that will allow you to create stunning effects that will greatly improve the overall creativity, appeal, and usability of your website.

And, without further ado, lets get into the tricks!

Tooltips for Elementor

Tooltips are best used sparingly and with a specific purpose. This like many of these tricks should not be used for the sake of using it. When you do need to create a hover over an image with some relevant additional information. This is the tool for you. 

JetTricks Tool Tips are a great resource if you’re layout contains some really cool icons for links, but maybe they are not very clear as to what you’re linking to?

See, you probably totally thought that last one would be tennis, pshaw. 

Hotspots for Elementor

Hotspots are the older cousin of tooltips in the Crocoblock Jettricks family. 

The primary difference is that hotspot images allow you to setup several tooltips on top of a single image.  

The other advantage is that it allows you to show an indicator of where exactly the tooltip is.

The final plus is that your tooltips and hotspots can actuall link to other pages.

Hotspots are fantastic if you’re showing off an intricate product with features that you want to call out. 

Also it’s a great way to pull up information on team members. 

Sticky Columns

Sticky Columns is a must-have addition to your Elementor arsenal.  With the normal Elementor sticky, you can only stick your item to the top of the window. 

But let’s say you want to keep it there for just a section of your page?  Like maybe you need the section to disappear when the user continues to scroll down the page? 

Take for example the table of contents on this page over to the left? When you scroll all the way to the bottom, rather than staying at the top of the page, the footer of pushes it up the page, perfect!

Final Thoughts

If you’re viewing this at the moment, congratulations! It’s not done yet you are an early viewer! 

I didn’t feel like working in staging today. Besides, I have to test out all my handy caching plugins, so consider this a sneak peek! Check back again later, there will be more!

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