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I know the team at Crocoblock is swamped building all the awesome stuff they keep cranking out.   Also, it seems they are trying to move towards strongly promoting their larger bundled packages.

I agree you should probably bundle up if you can, and that’s great and all, but sometimes you just want to try out one tool, or just need one specific widget.

If you are looking for just one specific feature from Crocoblock, it can be a little tricky thing to find the exact widget you’re looking for on Crocoblock’s website. 

I added this handy list of widgets to quickly show all of the options available. 

Final Thoughts

The folks over at Crocoblock are constantly building new and amazing plugins, addons, and features.  If I’m missing something on this list, drop me a comment so I can get it added! 

Have a suggestion to improve this section?

Want a specific tutorial on any of the widgets? 

Leave me a comment below!

2 Responses

  1. Hello dear.
    Do you have youtube channel.
    I am confused by smart filters
    As i use different types of filters on the main can i keep the dame filter selection when i transfer to archive template

    1. Hey Hosni,

      Sorry I’ve been swamped with my dayjob, and haven’t had a chance to get on here did you get a resolution on your question about smart filters? YouTube Channel is in the works, definitely overdue.

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