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A little bit about the origins of EleDesignHelp.com and the fella that started it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hey all, I’m Casey.

Believe it or not, this site started as a Google Doc filled with Excel formulas that I frequently use for various jobs. Boring Right!

It quickly grew into snippets of code and instructions, then hidden pages on my website caseywhitcher.com

Finally, I started formatting the information and moved it to this domain for public and personal resources.

Casey Whitcher

Here are a few of the Ele sites that I’ve built in 2020

RillaUp.com – This is a platform that allows Entrepreneurs and Freelancers to connect for profit sharing. 

GlamourDog.com – This is a test WooCommerce Store that is a re-creation of an actual business I ran from 2003 – 2013. Maybe I’ll revive it?

BenefitsOfStretching.com – This is a personal blog focused on fitness and yoga for couples and individuals.

LeahLoxy.com – This is a blog site dedicated to the game Roblox

Special Thanks

EleDesignHelp.com is primarily my collection of personal notes.

Many of these are directly from blog posts and videos that I’ve watched from designers who are far more talented than me who deserve all the credit.

Here is a short and incomplete list of the designers that I visit frequently and greatly influenced this site.

My biggest advice to new Elementor users is to follow all of these resources.

Rino DeBoer

Maxime Desrosiers

Oooh Boi

I will do my best to always call out where I got help.

I reference EleDesignHelp almost every day to use these techniques on new projects. 

Elementor has made designing fun again and re-ignited my desire to learn and build the fun stuff.

Glad you stopped by!

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